Second Release (Set of 4) Soft Neon Nail Polish

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The Soft Neon collection contains eight perfect faded fluorescent shades to spice up your spring look. This set contains the second release (summer 2018). Dream about warmer weather while applying these creamy shades. 

Booming Banana is a soft yellow hue with a pop of neon yellow.

Exploding Honeydew is a pastel melon shade with an aura of radioactive green. 

Popping Periwinkle is a creamy purple-blue with a fluorescent glow.

Scorching Coral is a smooth pinky orange hue that radiates coral.

These beauties are even brighter in person than in the photos. This nail polish is also UV / black light reactive! The swatches pictured in this listing have 2 coats of nail polish.

These polishes water-marble well together.

You might notice that this formula is a little different than our previous collections. The smell is a little different and they dry very shiny. The wear is similar to our previous formulas, and the pigmentation is similar to our previous cremes.

If purchased, you will receive four nail polish bottles (0.5oz/15ml each) included with two stainless steel mixing balls which help mix the polish evenly, and will not discolor the nail polish in any way.

Image Credits & Swatch/Review Links

Nail Experiments

Intense Polish Therapy

Streets Ahead Style

Seriously Lacquering

Video - Live Swatch by Seriously Lacquering

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